Writing tips for heartfelt short notes, categorised by theme:

1. Thinking of you:

- Mention why they came to mind

- Recall a shared memory or inside joke

- Express how much you value their friendship

- Offer support if they're going through a tough time

- Use warm, caring language

2. Saying you love someone:

- Be specific about what you love about them

- Recall meaningful shared experiences

- Express how they've positively impacted your life

- Use sincere, heartfelt language

- Avoid clichés; be genuine and personal

3. Thank you:

- Be specific about what you're thankful for

- Explain how their actions affected you

- Express genuine appreciation

- Mention how you plan to pay it forward

- Use warm, sincere language

4. Congratulations:

- Show genuine excitement for their achievement

- Acknowledge their hard work or talent

- Express confidence in their future success

- Share how their success inspires you

- Use upbeat, positive language

5. Well done:

- Be specific about their accomplishment

- Recognize the effort they put in

- Express pride in their achievement

- Encourage them to keep up the good work

- Use enthusiastic, supportive language

6. Losing a loved one:

- Express sincere condolences

- Share a fond memory of the deceased

- Offer support and availability

- Acknowledge the pain of loss

- Use gentle, comforting language

Short examples for each theme, each within 50 words:

1. Thinking of you:

"Hey Chris, you crossed my mind today when I saw a poster for that band we love. Remember that crazy concert last summer? Hope you're doing well. If you need a break, let's grab coffee soon. Miss our chats!"

2. Saying you love someone:

"Tom, your kindness, wit, and passion inspire me daily. I love how you always make me laugh, even on tough days. You've brought so much joy into my life. I'm grateful for every moment we share. I love you more than words can express."

3. Thank you:

"Emma, thank you for your help during my move. Your support made a stressful time manageable. I appreciate your patience and hard work. You're a true friend. I look forward to returning the favor someday. You've made my new house feel like home."

4. Congratulations:

"Alex, congratulations on your promotion! Your dedication and innovation have always impressed me. This recognition is well-deserved. I'm excited to see where your talent takes you next. Your success inspires us all. Here's to your bright future!"

5. Well done:

"Lisa, well done on completing your first marathon! Your determination through months of training was impressive. Seeing you cross that finish line was incredible. You've shown what perseverance can achieve. I'm so proud of you. Keep pushing your limits!"

6. Losing a loved one:

"Dear Sarah, I'm deeply saddened by your father's passing. His warmth and humor always made me feel welcome. I'll never forget his famous barbecues. He'll be deeply missed. I'm here for you if you need anything—a shoulder to cry on or help with arrangements."